The side garden has loads of nasturtiums out at the minute.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: The weather here has been beautiful during the day – a tad cool during the night but still okay for swimming late morning/early afternoon when the sun is in full swing.

JAM FACT: I swim almost year round.

Autumn days here have been pretty nice. Good for gardening, walking, making jam and swimming. Yes I am still swimming even though the pool water these days is c-o-l-d. So cold in fact that the wet suit has come out and yes this little UNYOUNG JAM can still get in and out of it without help, thanks to the LONG string to pull the back zip up with. My ‘pool boots’ have also come out of storage and my feet are appreciating their support and comfort too.

So I swim on – the wet suit makes me more buoyant so that’s a plus for the number of laps I can do and it also adds another few weeks to my swimming calendar for the year. I don’t, even with my full wet suit attire on [I look so good in it too…. ha ha] swim in the winter months; -1 degrees is often recorded here and the pool has had some icicles on it over the years so not even this little UNYOUNG JAM has that much fortitude.

I am planning to plant a few daffodils this year…have dug over the bed in readiness, all the while being watched covertly by our resident Mr Kangaroo. Not sure what he was after from that area of the yard as there is plenty of green grass around which I know [numerous droppings] he has been nibbling on. Maybe he is ensuring that I don’t dig up his patch; whatever the reason is, it was sort of nice to be gardening with ‘a friend.’

Until next time…we are not quite out of the woodwork from the last COVID lockdown here in my part of the world…so wherever you are…stay safe.

I have discovered that I can propagate some of my plants.

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