These pretty little guys and gals are everywhere.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Remembering that my heart journey was/is real.

JAM FACT: My heart is very happy right now.

The CEO of the Heart Foundation, Mr John G Kelly AM, has written a heart week message>

My heart story is the example used and yes I did lose 14 kilos after my first heart attack. Have put 2 back on since my ‘hole in one’ Mr Spleen episode and I seriously must get those extra kilos off, but by and large this little UNYOUNG JAM’s heart and well being is in a very good place right now, thanks to my skilled cardiology medical and research teams.

As Mr Kelly’s message says: see your GP for a Heart Health Check. It’s quick, painless and thanks to a long Heart Foundation campaign, covered by Medicare.

Until next time … As Mark Twain once said: “Age is mind over matter, if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.”

In the morning rain.
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