Love these jeans!

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: My friend D and I with our masks firmly in place, have a day out visiting the outskirts of the Perth region.

JAM FACT: I discover that my COVID mask fogs up my glasses a lot!  

D and I set out to have a fun day away from our somewhat protected [no mask wearing]rural COVID living zone.

Our main purpose for heading into the Perth compulsory mask wearing area was to purchase a special kitchen item and luckily for us we found it at our favourite kitchen shop. [I also found that my glasses fogged up so much that I couldn’t see the items or at one stage even the people in front of me … I am such a mask wearing novice]

After our successful purchases plus of course the little extra we saw, liked and bought as well, we spent the remainder of our day away from the shopping crowds. It of course included coffee, the second cup later in the day with a yummy piece of cake and yes I couldn’t  resist adding a small bit of cream with mine… note to self… an extra 10 minutes of energetic walking required tomorrow UNYOUNG JAM to get that off… and then a casual lunch.

Our tasty little lunch was enjoyed on the protected but somewhat open veranda at one of my favourite cafes; the one where they have reused old jeans, complete with what looks like the original holes in them so wonderfully well.  Just as we finished our delicious morsel the rain started falling heavily, so we headed for the safety of the car. We got a little wet ‘running’ to the car… well walking sedately as you do in the rain because falling over is not an option for either of us these days… but it was no big drama.

So despite the rain, the somewhat limited shop visits due to the compulsory mask wearing and getting ourselves a tad wet, we still managed to pull off a great day out, although it’s still fingers crossed that I didn’t encounter a COVID carrying person when I took my mask off to defog myself.

Until next time …as Mark Twain said…the best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. Enjoy your  weekend.

Love the colour of this.

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