My responsibility is to feed these two!

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: An eventful week.

JAM FACT: I discover that being the Home CEO is not all it is cracked up to be.

The autumn weather here at home has been beautiful. I have been enjoying it, in amongst the myriad of events that unfolded before my very eyes last week.

Firstly MY J had to enjoy the culinary delights from a hospital chef for a number of days and secondly, I had my first COVID vac jab and didn’t surface from the bed for two days [lost a kilo in the process so all was not too bad] but the best thing that happened was that I was anointed [by default of course] the HOME CEO for quite a few days. Usually I am the CEO’s very prized Assistant so it was quite a jump in stature!

The role included me managing the animals and keeping their food and water troughs filled…all six of them and lucky for me that’s certainly down from the days when we ran a hundred or so.

The twin lambs [pictured above] were a delight to feed.

I also went to my Garden Centre in Mundaring and bought the last of their bulbs-tulips, daffodils and some irises. I have never grown bulbs before so am looking forward to seeing them sprout and eventually bloom; although the Centre owner thought I may be too late for a blooming good show this year. Oh well, they’re in the ground now so what ever comes up, it will be better than the empty garden bed I had last year.

 I also thoroughly enjoyed some specialty cakes that I bought myself to celebrate my new found but eventually to be short lived, Home CEO status.

Who knows what my next week will bring; all I know is that being the Home CEO for this past week was not as good as I thought it would be, considering what unfolded health wise.

So until next time … I’m going to try to keep my chin up otherwise my crown will slip! Take care everyone.

My Nasturtiums continue to flower on.

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