These ants obviously fell in and got stuck.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: An early bird I was.

JAM FACT: I always love a good sun rise.

I spent a relaxing morning watching the sun rise at our beautiful Kings Park earlier this week. I wasn’t alone; there were several other UNYOUNGS, quite a few young romantics complete with their picnic rug and eats/drinks, fitness walkers and park rangers, all there to watch as the sun made its way up and over the Darling Scarp and into the sky to start a brand new day.

It was peaceful and so very calm and still at that time of the morning and I was so glad that I was able to be a part of it.

Afterwards, I walked around some of the park grounds. I came across some beautiful flowering gums…came home and found the very same were in fact flowering in our driveway…have definitely not been paying attention to what is going on around me lately… and also saw some pretty nice little native flowering shrubs.

By the time I had finished my visit to the Park and returned home, my total walking steps for the day were 15,679…my best since I was sidelined from walking 12 months ago.

Getting up and watching the sun rise sure put some power into my day so I plan on repeating the adventure before winter officially sets in, here in my part of the world.

Until next time…have a great day.  

Hovering before landing on some really tasty eats for this busy little bee.

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