The first bloom of the season is about to pop.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: I become a city slicker for a few days.

JAM FACT: I like country driving.

Driving in the city is not a favourite activity of mine; especially driving in peak hour but over the last couple of weeks I have had to do just that but as it turned out it became the least of my worries.

Finding a parking spot around a city hospital was by far worse. I discovered that not only are the parking fees exorbitant, compared to my obvious FREE country parking opportunities but I found that some people become actual ‘piranhas’ at stealing a park unfairly…well in my book…from you, right before your very eyes.

One day I was the first in line for a parking spot. I was waiting patiently for the person to exit out and the next thing right before my eyes a person in a smaller vehicle than mine ignored me with my indicator on and about to pull in and just zipped right on in, in front me. There appeared to be no guilt attached to it either, as they just got out of their little yellow beetle with their head down and walked right on past me, as free as a bird!  Believe me when I say not good thoughts were flashing in and out of my little UNYOUNG brain at that point in time.

My day got better though as twenty minutes later I was successful in claiming a vacant spot and it turns out I had the last laugh after all.

When I went to pay some several hours later at the boom gate out, the ticket machine said with a smiley face in its window … it’s your lucky day… your parking is free today. [Not sure that Mrs Piranha’s was free as I spied her over at the machine paying at the same time I was exiting. Is that a naughty thought crossing your mind UNYOUNG JAM, I hope not as this is a positive only blog!]  

So after all the ups and downs of my city driving experiences, I have to concede that they are not that bad… if I say it quickly and fingers crossed I don’t have to do it again anytime soon…not sure my good humour would tolerate another burst of mad city ‘piranha’ parking drivers.

Until next time…hope you enjoy to the max, the last days of our Australian autumn.  

The black cockatoos are again playing havoc with the gum nuts in the drive. Rain is nigh.
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