Love this eucalyptus flower.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: I get shut down from a certain media platform and decide I don’t want to go back.

JAM FACT: I am but a very small fish in a very, very big technical pond.

The very big technical world and I recently clashed…big time!

After what I considered to be an exceptionally minor incident occurring on one of my social media security pages, [made by me which they were well aware of at the time], I was asked to supply a copy of my Birth or Marriage Certificate or Passport in order to be cleared of said faux pas so I could then be ceremoniously forgiven and subsequently reinstated to my former active status.

I didn’t want to do that so they ‘closed’ me down.

I am still currently ‘allowed’ two associated platforms for now but I am not sure for how long…I guess until the BIG one discovers my links.

Being but a mere mortal in a complex world of technological knowhow does not phase me and do I mind? A little bit yes and a big bit no.

For now I am definitely content to be without some social media aspects of this wonderful world of ours and truth be told this little fish…alias UNYOUNG JAM…is getting along just fine without the pages I was once active on.

So until next time … via this www.media platform…stay safe and be happy.  

After the recent rains.
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