Cottesloe Beach W.A.

Today’s Adventure: We venture down to the seaside.

Jam Fact: I love the beach

We take a break from the farm and venture down to the coast for a day visit to our favourite beach…Cottesloe.

My J and I thoroughly enjoyed the outing.

  • I dipped my toe in the water but deemed it much too cold for a proper paddle.
  • The walk along the foreshore even if it was a tad breezy was invigorating.
  • The mandatory fish[grilled these days] and chip lunch [why is it that even if you ask for a small serve you still get a big pile of chips ]was, as always, very tasty…No, despite the requests from the squawking seagulls, the fluttery pigeons and the busy little Willie wagtails they did not get a sample from us.
  • The coffee and flour free chocolate and date cake from our long time visited cafe was pretty yum.
  • The drive home seemed short and we promised we would go again very soon.

As we drove in our driveway, we spied that the winter ducks were back in full force on the dam, the red tailed cockatoos were screeching in the trees next to the house so rain is nigh  and my favourite bird of all, the red breasted robin, is back flitting around in the home garden.

After a great day out to the beach, what more could I want.

Until next time…seize the moment and enjoy yourself doing whatever makes you happy.

Screeching their way across the sky.

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