Today’s Adventure: I pick another type of coffee to try.

Jam Fact: I really enjoy the taste of a long black.

I was not a coffee drinker for about the last three score years and ten but as a convert, a Long Black has been my go to for a few years now. I am especially partial to cafe coffees and have a healthy collection of loyalty cards to prove it.

I have previously tried a cappuccino but no, not a fan even though I love the look of its top.

Last week on what was a bit of a cold, bleak wintry day, I decided it was time to try another type of coffee. I was seated across from a wall picture of a Long Macchiato and because I liked the pattern of the milk on the top I ordered accordingly. The young Barista I know at the cafe thought I was being adventurous so gave my coffee loyalty card an extra stamp.

The glass cup when it arrived did in fact mirror the picture on the wall so I was anticipating a real burst of taste and was hopeful that this might be my new norm because if nothing else I would buy it just for the pattern on the top…it looked so great.

It tasted…best word I would give it, is okay…maybe a short Macchiato would have been much more to my liking because the long was definitely not to this little UNYOUNG JAM’S taste. [The top bit was more than okay though not enough to sway me into ordering another.]

So that somewhat little disappointing experience was enough for me to decide that I am well and truly over the let’s try something new coffee whim.

I am going back to my tried and true…a long black and I can pretty much guarantee that from here on in, it is going to be my go to for quite a few more score years to come, whether it has a fancy top or not.

Until next time … it is not the coffee so much as the time you spend with friends drinking it…so set yourself a coffee date.  

My Geraldton Wax is coming out and attracting all sorts of little creatures.
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