Love these gum flowers.

Today’s Adventure:  I discover that things that mattered when I was young don’t really matter at all now that I am UNYOUNG.

Jam Fact: I am OK with being UNYOUNG.

When I was young my world centred on a lot of ‘must do’ things that now I have become a happy UNYOUNG don’t seem to really matter at all…like does it matter if:

  • I don’t sweep the kitchen floor every day…no I can still walk on it.
  • I didn’t get around to washing my windows this summer…no I can still see out of them.
  • I didn’t hear the oven timer go off and the cake turned out to be a bit dry…no MY J put a bit of butter on it and still enjoyed eating it.
  • I haven’t yet pruned my roses…no my special gardening friend says they’ll still grow next season even with a late pruning.
  • I have to sit down to tie up my walking boot laces…no I can still go walking

And the list goes on.

So as I embrace the joy of even being an UNYOUNG I learn that all those little things that seemed to really matter not so long ago now don’t seem to even be on my radar.

What does matter is that I am adventuring on and absolutely and totally making sure that as an UNYOUNG I am having the greatest and most fun that I possibly can.  ‘Way to go UNYOUNG JAM!’

Until next time…be kind to yourself.

Rain drops on Geraldton Wax buds.

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