Today‚Äôs Adventure:  I am living in isolation until my R/A wears off.

Jam Fact: Love the flowers in Kings Park at this time of year.

I recently had to have some R/A treatment on a little health problem but as it is all fixable it presents as no real drama at all.

It does however require that I live in isolation for a week or so. MY J has installed me at the other end of the house but with all luxuries, like a new Smart TV/ coffee machine etc so really it is NO drama…plus our State is currently in a sort of COVID lockdown situation anyway so by the time I am out of isolation, my favourite coffee haunts will most likely be open again, I will be able to meet my friends, so what can I say other than all is good here in my solo part of the world.

Until next time … a best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find, lucky to have…especially when you are feeling not quite right. Stay safe.

This little guy enjoyed some sunshine with me whilst we were both sitting on the front wall.