The mandarin crop is looking pretty good.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Learning how to improvise…ha ha…that means trying to be patient with myself!

JAM FACT: I am not by nature, a patient person.

I am predominantly right handed, always have been but recently I had cause to make my left hand the dominant one.[Right arm decided to have a hissy fit and go on strike.]

It wasn’t, believe me, without an intense effort having to be made, with many a slip up occurring this past week but with the I can do this mantra being played on repeat in my little UNYOUNG head…I have successfully [now that’s a loose term for sort of managed] to make a somewhat short-term transition to predominately using my left hand for the basics of life.

Lucky for me the first thing I conquered with my leftie was being able to hold and drink my daily coffee without spilling a drop!

Until next time…I saw this and thought it most apt for me during my ongoing R/A isolation…when life shuts a door, open it again because that’s how a door works. Take care and be kind to yourself.

It’s hats off to this beautiful flowering Silver Princess.

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