New growth up in the bush block.

Today’s Adventure: Observing the birds flitting and skittering about here in my part of the world.

Jam Fact: I have never been an avid bird watcher.

The things I love about winter here in my part of the world are; Wearing my warm and snugly winter coat when out walking, donning the obligatory if you want to ward off the winter chills beanie and gloves, observing the weather radar with obvious scrutiny to make sure that I will miss the next bout of rain whilst out on my walk but best of all I am discovering that we have an abundance of birds in and around our house and gardens right now.

The birds I have spied so far are; the blackest of black crows, the impressive black and white magpies, the white and red tailed gum nut eating Carnabys, the laughing Kookaburras which are aplenty, the olive loving Mulga Parrots, the Pink and Grey screeching Galahs who I reckon also fight in amongst themselves a lot, the beautiful wattle / honey eaters, the tiny little Silver Eyes, the bouncing around little Willy Wag tails, the almost elusive to spy Scarlet Robins and my at the moment favourite, the gorgeous little Grey Fantails.

The assortment of sounds they individually make…each has its own particular characteristics…brighten my day and I have to say that it is surprising considering I haven’t always been a bird enthusiast. I use the word enthusiast loosely here; it’s more like I am an admirer as I am now actually seeing and appreciating for real, all the bird life that is actually on offer here.

My enthusiasm in fact knows no bounds as I have strategically placed a couple of garden chairs in amongst their known garden haunts and I have been trying ever so hard to patiently sit there and quietly wait, in anticipation that I will manage to snap a “wow look at that!” bird photograph but so far no luck.

Maybe it’s my colourful, winter woolly beanie attire that scares them off. Whatever the reason, I am going to continue to rug up and sit in wait because I really want to capture a really good photo of at least one of these amazing birds that are currently inhabiting our home garden during this winter season.

Until next time… don’t look back, you are not going that way.

Still flowering down at the front gate.
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