The ALBANY WOOLLY BUSH is flowering here in my part of the world.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Searching for wildflowers here at home.

JAM FACT: I love Western Australian Wildflowers

I recently started seeing on my Instagram page some really impressive photos of WA wild flowers. Whilst some snaps are current, others I discovered are snaps that people have taken in previous years and they are re sharing/posting them.

Whilst I loved looking at those old pics, I was in fact a bit miffed as to why you would post an old pic[ each to his own I guess] as it got my hopes up that the wildflower season here in my part of the world had in fact started too.

In previous years our bush block has put on whilst limited in variety, a still impressive show, so with my hopes up and my camera at the ready I wandered off in search of the blooming wild flowers.

Alas! Still too early here in my wildflower bush country but on return to the home garden area [ whilst sitting in wait for a poor unsuspecting bird to appear in my viewfinder camera range…more on that next time]  I did discover that our Albany Woolly Bush right in the middle of the home native garden is in fact in flower.  Surprise, surprise!   

So whilst I did not snap any impressive wild flower pics to upload onto my Social Media page from up in the bush block, I did manage to snap quite a good picture of the little red Woolly bush flower so all is not lost.

Until next time…I like this quote from W.A.Ward…’Happiness is an inside job.’

The ‘Dryandra’ is also in flower…this is where the really good bird pic may happen!
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