It’s my “Mr Armanasco” gerbera flowering time.

Today’s Adventure: The art of bird watching in order to take a really “wow” snap turns out to be much, much harder than I thought.

Jam Fact: My favourite bird is the beautiful little Scarlet Robin

I have never been a bird fanatic, an admirer yes and recently I have even turned into a bit of a true bird lover.

I have certainly discovered the simple joy of watching bird antics, especially their tail twitching that shows off their beautiful array of feathers. In most cases I’ve noted that its usually very colourful ones.

BUT as for me and my challenge of capturing a really good pic of one of them, well I don’t think it is going to happen just yet. According to my research, real bird photographer enthusiasts can sit for hours in order to snap a good bird shot and the best advice to newcomers like me is to approach your subject with some patience.

Patience of course is the operative word here and as I am yet to exhibit patience for longer than a 15 minute period…the weather of course has been a tad wet…and as I am not that keen to sit out in the rain, especially as I am still in R/A mode, methinks I shall have to defer this little escapade until spring when some less rainy weather is upon us. 

So until next time… go out and have some fun and enjoy to the max your days in your part of the world.  

Just made a batch of MY J’s favourite biccies; just waiting for him to fill my cup up so I can enjoy some too!
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