I capture a bird pic at last!

Today’s Adventure: HAPPY DAYS are here again now that I am out of R/A at home. Still a few weeks to go for R/A community free without mask but that’s okay.

Jam Fact: I am one happy UNYOUNG.

I am one happy UNYOUNG JAM because:

  • I have survived my latest health hiccup and have come out very happily on the other side thanks to some really good Nuclear medicine.
  • I am allowed back to some light gardening [methinks some rose pruning is on the cards] and some easy walking at home adventures.
  • I have resumed some light household duties…including the washing. [MY J did a fantastic job but still hasn’t quite mastered the art of separating the whites from the coloureds[ yes you know the ones that will definitely run if you wash them in hot water]
  • I will be able to socialise [with mask] and will be back to my favourite cafe for a much loved coffee very soon…and that’s definitely cause for me to say…YEAH I AM ONE VERY HAPPY UNYOUNG JAM.
  • I have managed to have enough patience to sit and take a sort of okay bird pic [even if I had to zoom and tidy up the edges a bit afterwards]Good one of the pink and grey galah even if I say so myself.
  • I have discovered my 2020 green fingers have been successful. . I have grown a zygo  cactus cutting from my hanging basket version. Not only has it grown but it is happily flowering plus it also has some bee activity happening on its bits too.

So all in all, life is going along A Okay here in my part of the world. Hope it is going okay in your part of the world too.

Until next time…stay safe in this COVID world we now live in.

MY zygo cactus success!
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