Still flowering beautifully in the rain.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: I am back gardening albeit on light duties but it is so great to be back out in my garden because it certainly is a happy place for me.

Jam Fact: Gerberas are my favourite home garden plant.

A few days ago, I was feeling pretty good so I ventured out to the front rose garden with my trusty secateurs in hand. I managed to prune three roses, including the Iceberg I transplanted from Mum’s garden.  It has thrived since it has been here in our part of the world and it is a lovely reminder of all the happy gardening times spent with my Mum and Dad over the years. Lots of good memories flooded back as I gave it its annual snip, snip.

I asked MY J to mow one section of the garden area which is sort of a mix of lawn and garden beds whilst I was pruning but I forgot to tell him not to go near the everlastings area! Oops, too late, half of them were mown off to almost ground level. He later said that they looked like weeds but I couldn’t say too much as I in the meantime had trodden on a good proportion of the daffodils that had just sprouted. Definitely a big brain fade from me. The sprouts looked a little like weeds and as I have never planted any in that rose bed before I forgave myself so I definitely couldn’t say too much to MY J at all.

It is now three days later and just as well I didn’t have a big hissy fit over it. The remaining everlastings are looking really good[ the mown ones not so good] and the daffodils have bounced back from my trampling session just beautifully so all is well in my part of the world.

I’m looking forward to my next ‘I feel good’ gardening spree, hopefully it will go without incident.  

Until next time … be like a dog with two tails…happy.  Have a great weekend.   

We have a new set of ducks on the dam…beautiful yellow chested things. It was raining when I took this shot and obviously my camera focus was kaput or should I say the operator was kaput! Either way it was lovely to see them.

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