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Despite the winds and heavy rains, it is still blooming happily in the driveway.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: This is one of the coldest and wettest winters we have experienced since we moved here.

JAM FACT: My feet are definitely feeling UNYOUNG these days and getting more so by the minute!

This winter has seen some pretty serious storms pass our way…lots of heavy rains and very strong winds.

Luckily for us we have not experienced any damage so far but I know of others not so far from us who have not been as lucky.

But not all here in my part of the world has been thwarted by the heavy rains and winds though. My daffodils have definitely enjoyed all this rain, their growth has literally gone through the roof.

I was very excited when I ventured out between the showers yesterday and discovered 4 yellow buds in my newly created daffodil garden bed!

Not so excited today when I saw that all but one bud is left standing. Those pesky birds…you just have to not so love them when they are in a destructive mode.

On the flip side though, I did plant 60 odd daffodil bulbs so hopefully the birds will have found something else to nibble on by the time the remaining plants take to their blooming phase. I also have my fingers crossed that those currently unloved birds can’t find or will not see my small plot of everlastings which are just bursting into tiny buds. We will see!

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on where you sit on the ‘we need rains’ scale, there are more cold fronts forecast for the days ahead so let’s hope that the approaching storms will not be as damaging across our region as the last ones were.

The winter rains complete with all the associated good and bad aspects is however bringing me some new visual gardening delights so this little UNYOUNG JAM is certainly not going to complain about that.  

Until next time…stay safe [especially those of you who are in a COVID concern area]

My lone [for now]Daffodil bud.
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