My first daffodil flower…so it’s one very happy UNYOUNG JAM!

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Sometimes my logic can be questionable; today was one of those days when my logic definitely appeared to be, on the surface at the least, a dubious one.  

JAM FACT: I like to bake.

Recently I made a specific trip to downtown Midland to buy a square plate so that the next square apple cake I made [which I do on a fairly regular basis because MY J always gives it the thumbs up] would fit nicely onto it.

I figured the square plate would also make the cake look so professional, especially with a waft of icing sugar sprinkled over it, just like the cooking maestros do.   

So with said plate sitting on the kitchen bench waiting to be christened, I proceeded to make the apple cake.

Clearly my mind when I prepared and poured the mixture into the lined tin was somehow preoccupied [fancy that…that this little UNYOUNG’s brain was off on a tangent] and I managed to position the cake into the heated oven before I even registered and realised I had used a round tin.

So the freshly baked round apple fruit cake now sits on the newly purchased  square plate looking somewhat resplendent with its dusting of icing sugar and it looks A Okay even if I say so myself. 

So with my dubious logic surviving yet another of my UNYOUNG adventures, I press on knowing full well there will be a repeat performance of that wayward thinking sometime soon and that’s ok with me because being UNYOUNG is definitely not an unhappy place for me to be, even if I happen to make a few mistakes along the way.  

Until next time…never let your best friends be lonely…keep disturbing them.

Peacefully in amongst the reeds she sits.

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