Found this beautiful little orchid up in our bush block.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  My new ‘tech savvy’ social media page is working a treat.

JAM FACT: I love wild flowers.

I am so glad I opened up an Instagram account. The photos I have been seeing recently, posted by WA wildflower enthusiasts have been absolutely amazing. My favourite pics are of the orchids. They are so intricate in their composition; especially the petal formations and their vibrant colours certainly attract your attention and definitely make you look twice! 

I was so impressed by it all that I decided I needed to not only up the ante on the quality of pics I have been posting to my page but to also go for a wander up into our bush block and see if I could spy any orchids flowering right here in my own back yard. I thought it would be a bit early in the season for them but surprise, surprise. I found some beautiful little orchids and so took a snap or two. According to my basic research I think they’re called the Pink Fairy Orchid [Caladenia latifolia]

There were only one or two out but the good news is that there are heaps more to come if I correctly identified the foliage.

And after the excitement of finding the pink orchids I went on to discover what I think are several other orchid looking plants that are yet to throw up their flower spikes. I did find the cow slip foliage [which I remember from previous years] so I eagerly await their blooms in the days/weeks to come.

If it wasn’t for my Instagram page I would not have seriously started looking for the wildflowers in our bush block for at least another few weeks, if past year flowering times are anything to go by. BUT…I will definitely be going back every few days now that I know they have started flowering. I don’t want to miss any that’s for sure.

Who would have thought at my UNYOUNG age, that an Instagram page would be such a joy for me? It definitely is and I can assure you that I am going to be a convert of it for some time to come. I just love seeing all the pics people take and post of all our amazing WA wildflowers.

You can find me if you would like [thanks to my good friend seagreen.design] at jen.mac.39142072

 Until next time…have a great day and make sure you spoil yourself with a treat or two.

Love the formation of this. I think it is called ‘egg and bacon’ and I believe it can be poisonous to farm animals.

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