I think these little orchids in the bush block are so pretty.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Enjoying the sunshine after the rains.

JAM FACT: I love sunny days.

The mornings are still very cold but the sunshine is finding its way to our part of the world. The last few days have been pretty magical even if my R/A days are still not unfortunately over.

  • My daffodils blooms are really starting to show. I am very happy with my first lot of plantings but next year I will be planting them much, much closer together so I can get the ‘mass planting’ look. Not sure how many bulbs that will take but certainly double what I planted this year.
  • My everlasting plants are just bursting out and their little pink and white flower heads are gently swaying in the breeze. [Sadly the ‘mown over ones’ never did regrow] but just like the daffodil bed my mass planting idea didn’t quite happen there either. Still they look pretty nice. Who needs to go driving off into the sunset looking for the best wildflowers in WA when I can admire some of them right here in my part of the world.  [The little pink orchids are still happily flowering away up in the bush block too.]
  • The first of Mum’s freesias are out and the bees are having fun inside their little yellow/white petals.
  • The lupin crop is just starting to show their white flowering heads. The place will look pretty nice when they all have broken into flower.  
  • Parrots! I love having them around but they are little tykes. Their annual annihilation of all my geranium plants has been completed. Lucky geraniums are a pretty hardy plant… I’m sure they will bounce back no worries, now that the sun is shining.

So my sunshiny days are being met by all that is around me, with much fervour. Just waiting for my R/A days to be finally over and this little UNYOUNG JAM will be jumping for joy too and that methinks, will be absolutely excellent.

Until next time…make your today a really good day.  

Love the pink and yellow colours of this everlasting.

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