Mum’s Freesias are looking pretty nice…the pesky parrots for some reason stay away from them. Not sure why.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Working out how I can distract the pesky parrots from my garden if my roses become their next target.  

JAM FACT: I love the ‘calls’ the Twenty Eights make.

It has been such a good winter here in my part of the world; rains aplenty, so there is new growth healthily emerging on just about everything we have in our garden at the moment and the Twenty Eights think they are in heaven.

They have eaten almost all of the olives [should have picked them I know], annihilated all the geranium shoots, pecked off most of the frangipani’s new growth and are now eyeing off the roses.

The pink and greys are in abundance too but they tend to stay away from the house and happily do most of their foraging up in the bush block but the Twenty Eights are becoming quite brazen. They can be seen, usually about twenty at a time, in the back garden every morning, afternoon and early evening [not sure about late evening as it is still a bit too cold for this little UNYOUNG JAM to venture out for a look.]

They are not at all scared and I recently caught one sitting on the back table happily eating an olive as I wandered past. Good to know they don’t see me as a threat but I will be if they start nibbling on my favourite flowers any time soon…my roses are not to be tampered with!

Until next time …don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.

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