The cowslips in our bush block are back for this season. Looking pretty nice too.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Making sure everything doesn’t blow away.

JAM FACT: I do not like strong winds that blow all day.

I am not a lover of the westerly winds that blow at varying degrees throughout the last days of winter but that’s what is happening here in my part of the world at the moment and I need to just get over it.

The winds are not only very strong but are bitterly cold too. Rain is imminent.

So today is definitely a day for being beside a good warm fire, with a good coffee and book in hand. Unfortunately a bit[maybe a bit more than a bit] of chocolate went with that this afternoon as well, so I will need to get out before dusk and walk that little treat off before it sets into these little UNYOUNG thighs of mine!

I had given some fleeting thoughts to packing away my winter woollies today but the fire and book beckoned so my spring time wear can wait for a few more days…not that I have many spring time gear outfits…I reckon it just sounds very trendy if I say that I have.

So as the Westerly winds have their one last blast for winter here in my part of the world, I enjoy what is probably going to be the last of our really hot fires for this 2021 winter season.

Until next time, stay warm and stay safe.

Shared a lot love with friends in a favourite place of mine recently…Guildford.

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