Good camouflage but I still saw my NOT favourite thing!

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: The sun is out so it’s a good opportunity to take stock of a few things.

JAM FACT: I love sunshiny days.

The sun is back shining in my part of the world and the air has that beautiful feeling of saying spring has sprung. So to mark the occasion I made a few notes to myself.

I’m going to:

  • Organise some coffee catch ups. [That’s number one for sure.]
  • Set a walking step target for each day.
  • Find some new recipes to try out. [Mexican Chicken is on tonight’s menu]
  • Enjoy all that my garden has to offer and pull a few weeds as I go.
  • Start back on my cardio strengthening program [these UNYOUNG muscles are in need of a tone up…that’s if my mirror is anything to go by.]
  • Start a new sewing project.[Methinks something incorporating some William Morris fabrics…I have just discovered them…very nice indeed.]

That’s enough on the list for now otherwise I will spend all my time thinking up things to do and end up doing none.

So until next time…I do hope the sun is shining in your part of the world, even if you find just a glimpse of it…have a great week.

Our orange tree has a bumper crop on it this year so maybe I shall try my hand at making some marmalade. There is a first time for everything as they say.

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