My first ever tulip flower!

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Making sure I get an accurate “kilo” reading from my set of bathroom scales.

JAM FACT: I am now a new Size 12 or maybe even an 11…that’s if I breathe in!

I have a set of personal weighing scales that live in our bathroom. They do not always give me a reading that makes me go yippee but none the less they have been a pretty good indicator of my weight over recent months. I say this with some confidence, as my humble bathroom scale scores have been concurring exactly with my Doctor’s readings and that’s on his very upmarket set of scales.

I have over time however, discovered that if my scales are not positioned correctly after cleaning, they will skew my results [always up, never down I note with some amusement to myself] so I am always very, very careful to make sure they resume their position on the exact same spot on the same white tile every time; otherwise they tend to give me an increase in my kilo readings and that is never a good thing for my ego I can assure you.

I am currently [since I became UNYOUNG] weighing in at a new record weight low.

Methinks that calls for a bit of a revamp to the current wardrobe so I am envisaging an upcoming shopping spree happening very soon. I could do it online I suppose, now that I am quite the ‘tech savvy chick’[even if I say so myself] but then I would miss out on a special coffee treat at my favourite shopping centre and that would never do.

I might in between the new size clothing spree, even shout myself to a special sweet treat…and then just stay off my bathroom scales for a bit…in case I get a weight reading I definitely do not say yippee to!

Until next time…I remind myself that a flower does not think of competing with the one next to it. It just blooms.

Stay safe.  

Still flowering. Just love this tree in our driveway.
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