Another wildflower found on the bush block fence line.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Mulling over what it means for me to qualify to be an UNYOUNG.

JAM FACT: I can still do lots of things.

In recent days I have questioned myself as to what it is that I consider that I can’t do that frustrates me as an Unyoung and in the long run, I ask myself does it really matter if:

  • I can’t wear high heels but I can wear very snazzy flats.
  • I can’t clean the whole house in a day [who gets a medal for doing that anyway] but I can do half.
  • I still can’t seem to get my triceps to tone themselves up so I will look good…in my opinion… wearing short sleeve shirts this summer but I can show off my very trim taut and terrific…in my opinion…calf muscles; looking good because of all my recent walking exploits so I will be able to wear a long pair of to the knee shorts this spring.
  • I can’t see too much without my glasses but I can “see for miles” with them on.
  • I still can’t quite make my long and ‘bloody’ short stitch embroidery work to look as good as I would like but I still can do awesome Whipped Spider’s Web and Sorbello stitch and pretty neat double and bullion knots, even if I say so myself. 

And the asking myself went on until I sanctioned, then empowered myself with the belief that for every can’t I came up with, I could find a counteracting can

So at the end of my mulling over session, I came to the positively happy conclusion that it does not matter one iota if I can no longer do some things because I found that, in this current world of mine, there are a multitude of things both errant and otherwise, that this little UNYOUNG absolutely CAN do.

Until next time…have a great weekend.

The family of ducks are back with their babies hiding in the adjacent lupin crop.

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