The view through my Office window yesterday.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Making sure I am still on track with my Spring will do’s.

JAM FACT: I can be a bit of a procrastinator; I most certainly was when I was young; not so much these days as I now just say to myself… do it UNYOUNG JAM and I just do.

The middle of the month has just passed me by so it was a good time for me to take stock of my spring will do’s list. Otherwise, what was the point of me documenting the list in the first place.


  • The coffee catch ups are organised and more are to come if I can just manage to mesh on a few more dates. Everyone seems to be so busy now that the sunshiny days are here.
  • My walking program is going along famously even if I say so myself. I have redesigned and recalibrated the distance I walk around the farm to make sure I put in some serious daily step numbers so all going along okay on that score.
  • I have however only managed to make two new recipes…I said one a week, so clearly I have reneged on that one.
  • A new sewing project is in the making. Well not strictly in the making as yet. I have just bought, washed and ironed the material and it’s awaiting for step two to happen. That will be when I have my head in a good thinking gear as it’s a new sewing concept for me…Appliqué work.
  • The cardio workouts have not yet begun but I have found and dusted off the weights…500kg, 1 kilo and 2 kilo. I think I shall start with the blue ones…picked not only as they are my favourite colour but as luck would have it, they are the lightest of the set too!  
  • And I added to my spring list because the weather here in my part of the world has been so springyfied [not sure that is a legitimate word but it is in my speak], so I’m getting back into the pool. It’s still a bit nippy in the mornings…like 3 degrees today, so I shall find and dust off my old trusty wet suit and then I will be breast stroking away before you know it.  

So even though I might have been a bit of a procrastinator when I was young, these days a whole new world awaits me as my UNYOUNG eagerness to get things happening, seems to know no bounds.

Until next time…have a great day.

Love this little plant that flowers every spring time on the boundary fence line. If you look closely there is even a bit of a spider web happening between the two… a fluke capture!

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