Heaps of these are invading the garden at the moment. Love their colours.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: I sew and I walk.

JAM FACT: I am a Heart Foundation fan.

I have started October with much enthusiasm.

I am on a mission to complete not only stage two of my quilting project but to also finish walking a Heart Foundation Marathon for their October fundraising campaign.

I actually feel like I am on fire with the quilting stuff. Stage two requires me to double bind [ ‘edge’ in UNYOUNG JAM speak] all sixteen of my embroidered squares. So far I have edged ten and it is only four days into October!  

BUT I did come across a hitch and it was what I consider to be a big one at that. Square number sixteen turned out to be too small. It only measures 9×9; it is supposed to be 10×10 and the only solution is to redo it if I want all 16 squares to look right and I do, so I haven’t quite finished stage one after all.

[My quilting friend said “what a shame.” I was slightly more peeved about it and can assure you that I said something a little more unladylike than “shame”.] Clearly I must have had a “young” brain fade at the time of cutting out said square. I must however, move on without any further whingeing or beating up on myself because what’s done is done.

The ‘in my head’ mantra about the deadline for the quilt to be completely finished, is this year’s end. I reckon even with the sizing hiccup that I can still make it. That’s if I put my running shoes on; I already have my trusty, speedy walking shoes on for the Heart Foundation My Marathon event   https://www.mymarathon.com.au/

Have completed 20 kms in 4 days; am not puffing too much so if I keep going at that rate, I will be well on track to finishing the marathon walk way before October days are over.

I reckon an October completion of stage two of the quilt is also doable too; well that’s if I seriously put my mind to it.

I shall remind myself of a quote from the famous American Football Coach, Vince Lombardi…the only place the word success comes before work is in the dictionary.

I will most certainly need to keep that quote in the forefront of mind as I sew on methinks!

Until next time…Stay safe.  

Visited an old railway carriage the other day. Brought back a lot of memories!

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