The cornflowers at Cunderdin lookout.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: MY J and I go sight seeing.

JAM FACT: I love to go on a “Driving Miss Daisy” drive.

The weather here has just started to finally take on a true spring feeling; warmer days with less rain about so My J and I took a drive to Cunderdin, about an hour’s drive east of us.

The crops along the way were pretty impressive, especially the canola, wheat and barley.

The wildflowers at the top of the Cunderdin lookout area were pretty striking, the lunch and museum visit were great and the drive home included, after we passed a remarkably clean and well maintained 1948 FJ Holden, a listing off of all the cars we have owned. MY J won the listing with a total of 24, me a mere 12!

As the weather heats up, our drives and picnic destinations will be slightly closer to home but as there are plenty of places around here for us to enjoy, my Driving Miss Daisy escapades for this year are far from over.

Until next time…happy driving in your part of the world.

Outside our Cunderdin lunch venue.
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