Pansies always bring a smile to my face and these are no exception.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: I check my 2021 bucket list and add two more want to do items to it before the year is out.

JAM FACT: YES I’ve done it, may happen in 2021!

It’s just over halfway through October and the year is flying by.

Those Christmas carols will be carolling away in the shops pretty soon; so yesterday was a really good time for me to take a look at my still to be ticked off 2021 bucket list items.  

  • I planned to finish my queen size, hand embroidered quilt this year. So where am I at? The squares have had their binding/edging completed. Will it be finished and on my bed by year’s end? Still a lot to do but I am going to give it a red hot go.
  • I also planned to walk a Marathon in 7 days. Didn’t quite manage that one. I did walk in the October Heart Foundation Fundraising Marathon but it took me 12 days to do the 42 kms. Not quite as fit as I thought!

So as October heads towards its 2021 end, the quilt is in with a very good chance to have, a YES I’ve a done it tick next to it, by year’s end. [These current wet weather days here in my part of the world, are helping to keep me indoors and at my sewing table so that’s a plus]

The finish a Marathon in 7 days has had a sad face added next to it but the challenge itself has been transferred and is first on my 2022 Bucket List. Good to see that I am not only making an early start on my fitness goals but on my actual list too!

Until next time…be kind to yourself.

The Avon River.
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