The bees are busy in the new blossoms in the orange tree. We haven’t finished eating last year’s crop yet!

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  I start my new sewing project.

JAM FACT: I can be easily baffled.

My new sewing project, an appliqued table runner, is finally ready for sewing action but it didn’t arrive at that stage without a great deal of confusion on my part to start with.

My unyoung, only one of its kind mind, tends to think laterally and today, as I tried to make sense of my new sewing project’s pattern, it did just that, when really all I had to do was just not over think the process!

The instruction book as it turned out, was very clear with its instructions. It was just me that was out of sync with what I was being asked to do. I guess that’s why the author is well renowned in the field of appliqué and little unyoung moi, is a complete novice when it comes to this particular sewing technique.

I just over thought the whole thing, made a mountain out of a mole hill, stressed just a tad and in the process wasted a bit of fabric. No big deal really, as I bought extra just in case!

I managed in the end, [not counting the ‘mistakes’] to successfully cut out all the pieces I needed and was literally over the moon when I could see that all my pieces actually aligned and that they were finally facing the right way up.

My laid out project even resembles the diagram/picture in the book. Good one UNYOUNG JAM even if I say so myself. Hopefully when the table runner is completed, it will also look just like the picture in the book too…it’s a William Morris design; very trendy I reckon.

There’s never a dull moment in this little unyoung’s mind but that’s okay as I am going to make tomorrow so awesome that yesterday [and all its little dramas] will be jealous.

Until next time…take care and be kind to yourself.

My geraniums are flowering happily at the moment.
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