This “sea – gull” picture is one of my favourite snaps for the year.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Learning how to walk in a moon boot.

JAM FACT: I am always a work in progress.

I am removing the word OLD from my vocabulary. From here on in I am going to insist that all medical personnel refer to me as an UNYOUNG person.

Because the word UNYOUNG has such happy connotations for me; the word Old, not so much.

Last week I had to undergo a heart treadmill stress test [after another brief overnight hospital stay.]

The good news is that my arteries passed the test but in the process of said test, I fell off the still moving, albeit slowing down, treadmill belt. My little unyoung legs just couldn’t keep up the pace and gave way from under me.

Not normally what happens but there it is and as a result of said fall off, I am now in a MOON boot.

Apparently I will be wearing it for quite a few weeks or maybe more because as I am “old,” the healing process may take a little longer. True, it may take a little longer but do I need to be reminded of it? Not really. One only needs to look and see that I am definitely not a teeny bopper anymore, so in my mind the old obvious does not need to be stated.

My torn tendon hopefully will heal as a result of the moon boot wearing [in bed is a bit of an inconvenience I can tell you] because apparently, again with the old reference, if it doesn’t, an op will be required.

Ah, the joys of growing old…methinks I am going to choose the alternative which is to stay forever UNYOUNG.   

Until next time…stay safe and surround yourself with people who get you.

The first of the season. Don’t know its name but it is one of my favourites in my side garden.
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