The road to fun times here in my part of the world.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Observing the joys that spring brings to my part of the world.

JAM FACT: I love springtime.

Sitting on the verandah has been my main ‘occupation’ this last week as the moon boot is still ensconced on my right foot. Not my preferred choice of activity but none the less it was not without its pleasures.

I rediscovered the joy of simple bird watching. It turns out that there are, or at least what seems to be, heaps of them flitting in and around our large, rambling garden which is looking at the moment a real springtime picture, even if I say so myself. All the roses, gerberas, geraniums, pansies and especially the native shrubs are flowering profusely and the bird life just seems to be seriously in love with it all.

I discovered to my unexpected delight, that there’s a wattle bird nest nestled in amongst the thick, red and pink [Captain Cook] bottle brush shrubs. Not exactly sure how many babies there are as the parents are pretty protective, so I have kept my distance but I suspect it is just two little heads that bob up and down, waiting for a feed.

My somewhat secluded front verandah seat, has granted me a bird’s eye view of the male and female parent wattle birds who have over the last week or so, been foraging and finding food for their young in all sorts of interesting places. Their favourite spot appears to be the verandah as they have been constantly flitting in and out and under, picking off the small spiders/insects from amongst the rafters and then taking them back to their hungry little offspring that I can distinctly hear squeaking/chirping noisily in the nest. There are currently heaps of spiders for them to feast on as this little UNYOUNG JAM has not yet got around to spring cleaning the said rafters so the babies are definitely not going to go hungry any time soon!

So whilst I am a tad frustrated at being somewhat curtailed in my movements at the moment[sitting is definitely not my preferred course of action] the counter to that is…I have had the absolute pleasure of watching the activities and antics of the mum, dad and baby wattle birds and what’s not to like about that.

Until next time…I hope you have a great week.

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