The water has almost dried up under the Clackline bridge.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  I am still somewhat curtailed in my “Moon Boot” for another few weeks yet, so I took the opportunity in between sewing and reading to do some light eating orientated reflections.

JAM FACT: I can post on Instagram and # others. Very ‘tech savvy’ I am!

Summer time is nigh, so I deemed it a good time for me to find, trial and add another couple of recipes to my current, somewhat meagre, salad collections. 

The first to be trialled was an apple and celery salad [a twist on the old Waldorf which of course conjures up some wonderful, very happy “Faulty Towers” memories-plenty of reflections on life for MY J and I back when that was a big hit T.V. show] and it turned out to be very tasty. It uses simple ingredients, it’s easy to make and it’s not quite over the top with dressings, so it received an excellent review from MY J. It is therefore guaranteed to make another appearance some time soon.

I also made and added to my repertoire, an Avocado Caprese. This one reminded me of a tomato caprese I had many moons ago at a café that overlooked the Three Coins in a Fountain. [Yes I did toss my coin in facing backwards and over my head. It was done as I recall with an air of youthful innocence.  Whilst the wish might have been done in a ‘reach for the stars moment,’ it turns out that in so many, many ways, many, many years later, that it has actually come true. Lucky little UNYOUNG me!]

So, as the two salad recipes were successfully made, tried and given the thumbs up, they are now in my cooking file awaiting an encore. The good dose of happy reminiscing didn’t go astray either.

I can’t wait for the summer season to now arrive, especially as today here in my part of the world we are back in jumpers and the Max is just14 degrees.

Roll on summer time! I for one am looking forward to the warmer weather so I can make and enjoy my two, new found and declared delicious, salad recipes amongst other exciting things. 

Until next time…as Minnie Mouse once said…Smile and let the world wonder why.

My Everlastings are just starting to fall over. Not sure if I will be successful in catching the seeds for next year’s plantings though.

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