The first fire of the season, about 6 kms from us, saw two water helicopters from Perth fly over us on their way to fight it.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Discovering the joys of vehicle ownership and an unexpected breakdown.

JAM FACT: I love driving escapades.

Our 4 WD has not caused any problems whatsoever during the last ten years of us owning and driving it.

However this happy stat came to an abrupt end during this past week when the alert, alert red light sensor came on when we were about 20 kms from home.

We contacted our local Northam dealership and luckily avoided a “do not drive, it’s a tow truck job” comment from our mechanic. He instead advised us on how to limp safely back into town, so that’s what we did with the “stop do not drive” light flashing and blipping all the way.

It was just over a ten km drive back but with that little sensor making itself known all the way, my nerves were well and truly frayed by the time we pulled into the garage. My internal head ran amuck with all sorts of negative thoughts including that the motor would blow up with us in it…really, I am such a drama queen.

My J of course, did not panic at all. Just as well one of us is sensible!

The repair work itself is not a big deal but getting the parts for it, is a big deal, especially as we are on a country delivery from the East.

Not to worry though because in the meantime, we have been driving around in a zippy little white, not a 4 WD, hire car. [My J’s ute now has the water truck on the back ready for the bush fire season, so that was not really an option.]

After our 4 WD, it is a bit of a change of pace, as the car is very low to the ground in comparison but if the experience has taught me anything it’s that it doesn’t really matter what sort of wheels you have out here in my part of the world, just as long as you have them and they are working wheels.

Until next time … I am off to do something that makes me happy.

The red bottle brushes in the front yard are looking a picture.
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