It’s on the quilting machine as we speak!

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  I am enjoying a week of a few firsts.

JAM FACT: I am back to having two good feet.

Summer is almost here. I can feel it in the air because:

  • Yesterday I had my first swim for the year and no wet suit was required.
  • I spied the first of the good little ladybirds for the season. [They were in fact enjoying the lettuces at the time]
  • The first of the snow peas are ripening nicely and are just on the verge of being picked. 
  • I de headed the roses after their first blooms of the season and gave them another fertiliser treatment, so hopefully I will get another round of beautiful blooms before Christmas.
  • I harvested the garlic and hung the bulbs out to dry. I fleetingly thought about making a decorative garlic string to hang in the pantry; apparently it’s a good moth deterrent but as I haven’t any moths in there I didn’t bother.
  • My Moon Boot came off. Yeah!
  • I saw a long arm quilting machine. It was preparing to work on my quilt. My excitement was palpable.

With all that happening here in my part of the world, I can’t help but be optimistic about the summer days ahead.

Until next time… as the saying goes; let the good times roll.

My very healthy looking snow pea crop.
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