Lunch with friends. Always a treat.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  It’s sale time.

JAM FACT: My Mum and I always liked a good sale.

My annual shopping outing to the pre Christmas sales always give me good vibes.

Nowadays I go with a girl friend but back when I was UNYOUNGER I always went with my Mum, as did she.

The sales are not only about the perceived bargains I might purchase but also about the good memories of my life and times with my Mum.

My Mum had her idiosyncrasies and as I age/get older [oops MY J told me as part of my health recovery this year to remove the word age/older from my vocab so… what shall I say instead …mature? full grown? in my prime? Even though it sounds like a piece of meat to me, I’m partial from time to time to a good piece of meat so in my prime it is, as that phrase sounds very UNYOUNG to me.

So what idiosyncrasies of Mum’s have I developed since I hit being in my prime?

The best one so far is…shop til you drop i.e.: Make sure you have plenty of dollars to spend [especially the ones you have saved and in Mum‘s case put under the kitchen lino, in my conservative case put into a special Christmas Club bank account…yes I found here in my part of the countryside those accounts still do exist], go shopping with two lists…one that has definite things that you want to buy on it and another with whatever takes your fancy, pick a really good place to have lunch and yes dessert is a must and do not leave home without several strong bags[nice looking ones if you can]to put your good finds in.

I came home from my Pre Christmas sale outing with my girl friend earlier this week with my favourite shopping bags jammed full of great finds and as for the day itself? It turned out to be no ordinary one. It was without a doubt, a fantastically fabulous one because I definitely shopped til I dropped plus the real bonus was that I was with my friend who is always such a great person to be around. Good vibes indeed.

My Mum would have loved every minute of the shopping escapade and I know my friend’s Mum would have loved it too.

Until next time … from one who is in her prime…best wishes for a fun filled day.

One of the ducks by our dam.
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