The new sign facing south towards our drive way in.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Admiring our new roadside DUCK signs.

JAM FACT: I like native ducks.

My road side duck herding days are over because yesterday the Shire installed duck crossing signs on our road.

My good neighbour helped me to canvas the Shire to install them and just in time too, as earlier this week I counted 16 adults and about 26 youngsters crossing the road from our dam paddock, [where the babies learn to swim,] to the wetlands area across from our driveway entry.

I am not a conservation fanatic but I do like to see our native wildlife protected so my ‘beware…ducks ahead’ signs are indeed, a welcome sight.

Until next time…have a great day.  

A Mum and Dad standing sentinels on the roadway watching, as the rest of the duck families cross over.

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