The little blue bees are still a buzzing. This pic has a little ‘background blur’ added.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Learning about the extra bits I have on my camera.

JAM FACT: I don’t always ‘get’ things the first time.

I have been admiring some of the photos of the people I follow on my Instagram account. Their pics somehow have the main pic highlighted and the background blurred.

Some of the photos posted are really amazing.

Mind you I see that some people have really top notch cameras so obviously their photos are going to look way better than mine[professional I think the adjective I need to use here is] but I’m happy to stay with my versatile, little black Sony RX100.

I consulted with my photographic “mentor” and she explained [in detail because I don’t always get it the first time,] the technique used to blur a background photo.

So during the last few days, whilst Perth recorded its hottest Christmas period ever and that statistic included my part of the world too, I took the time to revisit my camera’s features and surprise, surprise; I have a button that allows me to blur a background when taking a pic too!

As the old saying goes … if all else fails, read the manual and reading the manual certainly helped me discover a new thing or two about my camera.  

So I am now happily taking photos with the new found camera mode in action.

Hopefully I will manage to capture a pic that will be worthy of a comment or two from my photographer friends on Instagram!

Until next time… none of us are ever too old to learn a new thing or two and that includes this little UNYOUNG JAM.

Found flowering in the driveway. No idea of its name but the little butterflies love it. Having said that though I note none appeared in this snap. Maybe I will manage to include one next time!

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