Still having fun with mastering the blurred background feature on my camera.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Avoiding a big fat snake.

JAM FACT: I am not a lover of snakes.

Our vegie garden is looking pretty good at the minute, especially the above ground beds.

Not so happy with the, on the ground pumpkin patch though. 

MY J’s and my heart rate went sky high yesterday. [Good to know that my heart must be very hale and hearty to survive a most unpleasant heart rate shocker so that was a definite plus.]

Because…Mr big fat snake who we occasionally sight whenever we have a HOT spell came looking, after another hotty here, for a drink late yesterday afternoon and it just so happened that we spied him lying in wait so to speak, right beside the pumpkin patch that we were about to water.

Now I don’t deny him a drink just as long as he finds it elsewhere, which means well, well away from our immediate house surrounds and that most definitely includes the pumpkin patch.  

In our Unyounger days, MY J and I had a system for ‘removing’ snakes if they came around the house. Nowadays our reflexes are much slower, therefore snake ‘removal’ is not on our agenda. So yesterday when we spied the big fat brute, we stood well back with our heart going ten to the dozen and wished and hoped that he would quickly vacate the premises and safely move on, which of course he thank goodness eventually did.

But it came as a timely reminder that here in my part of the world, it tis the season for more than just the good old jingle bells ringing.

So no weeding of the pumpkin patch is going to happen anytime soon and making lots of noise with our boots on, whenever we venture outside until this hot spell is over, is now an absolute must.

Until next time…stay safe.

Mum and Dad supervising the ducklings taking a swim on the Avon in Northam.

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