The first farm gum blossom of the year.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Welcoming in, a Happy New Year

JAM FACT: I have written New Year “resolutions” for as long as I can remember.

I really wanted to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve just so I could kick all of last year’s woes to the kerb and so we did just that.  

We drank some good wine, ate chocolates [me probably more than I should have] watched a really good movie and at midnight clinked our glasses and said here’s to a fantastic 2022.

My New Year “resolutions” have been written[ yes, I admit some are probably unrealistic or should I say somewhat daring but I reckon a bucket list is not a bucket list unless it has some challenges in it].

So as I’m definitely up for a few good challenges, I say bring it on and it’s full steam ahead as into the year of 2022 I go.

Until next time…stay safe, be kind to yourself and my best wishes to you all for a really great year ahead.  

Mum’s transplanted “Iceberg” loves the hot weather.

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