I like this gum blossom.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Finding ways to stay cool during this latest hot spell.

JAM FACT: I still love the summertime, despite the searing temperatures.

My New Year has been heralded in and some really good things are about to happen but…

My biggest priority in this first week of January has been learning how to stay cool whilst another heat wave hits my part of the world.

So, how have I been staying cool?

  • I swim in the pool that MY J keeps clean, at least three times a day. Bonus about that many times a day is that I have finally learnt the technique of staying afloat when I do backstroke.
  • I do NOT cook in the oven at all.[Thank goodness MY J still has cakes and biscuits left over from the Christmas festivities] 
  • I give thanks to the Air Conditioner system several times a day plus as the minimum temps are also a little on the high side at night, I have been known to tell it how great it is at 2 in the morning as well.
  • I have been getting up early…yes, just after sunrise so I can finish my walk before it reaches 30 degrees plus. [I promised myself early in the week that I was going to get up in time to see an actual sunrise before the week was out; that little delight is on the agenda for next week now as the weekend is upon us and no sunrise has been witnessed by this little UNYOUNG JAM so far.]
  • I am not getting frustrated that my appliqué work is still well and truly in the beginner’s phase. In time I tell myself.  
  • I ‘google’ search photography so I can improve my photos. [Long way to go yet but my improvement has been noted by several others…my latest Instagram photo post had 25 likes! That’s a record for me, so I’ve upped the ante and am now working at taking a photo that gets 30 likes before the month is out.]
  • I decided that this coming birthday number is not going to disconcert or discourage me from going on adventures so I found another thing to put on my bucket list.
  • I remain ever the optimist, sometimes that’s a little bit hard for this little UNYOUNG Capricornian to actually be that but I merrily press on.

I think we are on our third over 40 degree day and the forecast is for two more to come before this spell wanes into some cooler temps but that’s okay; I’m just glad that life and I are still happily happening.

Enjoy your weekend and…

Until next time…If you fancy a cafe pick me up coffee, I say ‘mask up’ and go for it if you safely can.

My little orchid has one stalk with six flowers on it. Obviously enjoys growing in the bathroom climate.

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