My pic of the sun rising here in my part of the world.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  They say an early bird catches the worm. I didn’t find any “worms” as such but I had fun trying.  

JAM FACT: I find out that I quite like seeing a good sunrise.

Week two of January 2022 has started in fine style.

This morning I was up at 5.12 am and for me that’s really, really EARLY.

I and a lone kookaburra [not quite sure if there is a significance of him letting rip with a pretty impressive call just as the sun was rising ] saw it all.

The cloudless sky was a sea of pale blue hues and these were intermingled with the sun’s yellow whitish rays. It was such a completely different scenario to the gloriously fiery red hot sunsets that are currently on offer here in my part of the world.

I took the opportunity to take lots of snaps of the actual sun rising but pretty sure I did not take a winning shot this time round but I had fun just the same.

My favourite snap was of my shadow as I walked down the hill!  

I might, might being the operative word here, get up early another day, just to see if I can capture a better photo of a summer sunrise.

Even if I don’t get a good pic, just seeing the sun rise in all its glory, will be well worth the effort, especially if Mr Kookaburra returns to share it with me. His call was quite something to hear.

Until next time…have a great week.

My pic of the sunrise photos – it’s my shadow!
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