These little spiders are spinning webs all along the fence line at the moment.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Enjoying getting a bargain as I do my weekly shop.

JAM FACT: I am happy.

Competition in the form of a new grocery outlet has come to downtown Northam.

And it has had a really good flow on effect, especially with the grocery store I mainly shop at.

This morning when MY J and I went into town to do our weekly shopping, I could not believe the price drop with some of the things I regularly buy…like truss tomatoes and bananas.

They were half their normal price. Unbelievable, so of course I stocked up with double my usual purchase amount because this little UNYOUNG JAM can’t resist a bargain. [No Toilet paper/tissues on the shelves but I have some left over from last time’s COVID scare so that was okay]  

We didn’t visit the new store today but I will, as it is very good to see strong competition in the town; it ensures we get competitive prices even if we do live in what is deemed to be ‘the WA countryside.’

Downtown Northam now has three big name grocery outlets plus the new one… SPUD SHED.

I don’t need to go shopping in the city to get a good deal these days because bargains can now be found right here on my door step.

Until next time…take care and have a great weekend.

Quite a few around at the minute.

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