This pic is of one of the many beautiful butterflies enjoying this native ‘blossom.’

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Birds, bees and butterflies abound.

JAM FACT: I like hot weather.

Summer time is well and truly here in my part of the world.

We are currently experiencing another heat wave. Four days of 40 + degrees so far this week; hot doesn’t even begin to describe it and we have another 3 days to go.

Still it has brought with it some unrelated delights.

Lots of butterflies and bees have been chasing the water in the bird baths and in the early mornings I have been watching them happily feast on the summer flowers.

Lots of birds have been taking refuge in the trees during the day [the galahs, parrots and black cockatoos…both white and red tails…are spending most of the day squawking] but can be seen enjoying a drink from the various water troughs at around dusk. 

The three B’s [birds, bees and butterflies] are nice to have around and I have enjoyed trying to take close ups of them even though it is hot. No winning pic has evolved just yet but who knows!

Otherwise this little UNYOUNG JAM has been spending a lot of the time in the pool; I can now successfully do backstroke for 50 metres without sinking, so even if it is hot, all is A okay here in my part of the world.

Until next time…stay safe and if you live anywhere in WA at the moment…stay cool.

Caught enjoying a good squawk.
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