Pic: Beautiful flowering gum near home.

Today’s Adventure: I learn how to use my new tablet.

Jam Fact: I am officially one year older.

This little UNYOUNG JAM has just celebrated another birthday. I have become another year older and maybe, even if I say so myself, am just a little bit wiser too…at least from a tech savvy perspective.

My old Samsung Galaxy tablet, which I use pretty much every day to read e books from my library on, was taking at least 10-15 minutes to ‘fire itself’ up. After ten years you can probably forgive it for being a little bit tardy with the turning itself on however it was I must confess, beginning to wear on my patience, which of course has never been one of my strong points but as it turned out, was fortuitously noted by MY J.

Because…on my birthday morning in amongst the gift bag of goodies this little UNYOUNG JAM found a brand new Samsung Galaxy tablet! [An extra bonus was that my favourite dark chocolate was found in there too.]

The tablet is very stylish looking. It’s slim, it’s a very nice dark grey/black plus it contrasts perfectly with my light grey ‘book reading holder.’

The really best part about it all was the fact that I succeeded in setting it up without consulting anyone or anything [like Googling for a solution] and I did not ‘lose it’ at any point during the set up process. That in itself was cause for celebration let alone being a teeny bit ‘tech savvy!’

This little UNYOUNG JAM can 👌 new tech things after all. [Note also, that I have worked out how to insert an emoji.]

So am I at all worried about being another year older?  No, not in the slightest because I am so very, very proud of myself for being that little bit ‘tech savvy’ wiser.

Until next time…be your own reason for being happy.

The ‘gum nut dropping brigade’ are back doing just that. Eating and dropping the half eaten nuts everywhere.

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