I revamped a section of my side corner garden.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  My wellbeing check up for January.

JAM FACT: I learn two new things.

One of my New Year promises to myself was to make sure that each month I did at least two brand new to me, activities. I fervently hoped that the new activities, whatever they turned out to be, would be good for my soul/wellbeing.

So as January 2022 has just passed by, or should I say just whizzed by, I reflected on what I had done that was new in my life and ask myself whether they have in fact been good for me.

  • I successfully learnt the gentle art of appliqué and made myself an appliqué table runner for my piano. It looks good even if I say so myself and it fits the piano perfectly…not all of my past sewing exploits have fitted exactly, so that was cause for some excitement in itself plus I really did enjoy learning the new to me sewing technique.  Applique project Number Two is now under way; a wall hanging, it’s slightly more intricate but I reckon this little UNYOUNG JAM is up for the challenge.
  • I worked out how to watch, follow and participate in several full screen YouTube ZUMBA GOLD sessions. I have definitely mastered doing the footsteps part without falling over during the 15 minute sessions but haven’t quite mastered my arm movements so they sync/coordinate with my feet. Neither can I do the actions in time with all the music beats as yet; that’s still a work in progress. Still, I am pretty happy just the same and I most definitely plan to continue on with this new found exercising format.

So my New Year wellbeing promise for 2022 is looking good so far because I did in fact learn two new things during the month of January.

I am feeling pretty good about that.  

So roll on February.

Until next time…hope you have a great week.

My first attempt at applique. This is a pic of one end of the runner. It looks very smart atop my piano even if I say so myself.

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