Pic No 1. These two were having a very big discussion in the trees by the side steps this morning.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  A new step fitness regime is commenced.

JAM FACT: I find new things to do.

The installing of our new step hand rails at the front and side of the house was a bit of a motivating factor for me to up the ante with my much needed Dr prescribed get fit routine. 

We ordered hand rails back in September 2021 and yesterday, after their long journey from the East, followed by being sent to the wrong Post Office, they finally arrived here in my part of the world and were successfully installed.

I tried them out and yes they are definitely a handy piece of equipment but I don’t plan to actually use them every time I go up and down the steps for some years but in the event of this little UNYOUNG JAM not retaining a reasonable level of fitness that may change hence the reasoning behind the start of my new little step up and down routine.

I must admit I was huffing and puffing a little and was a tad unbalanced after my first work out on the steps this morning, so I certainly need to work on it again tomorrow and into the future if I want to see some of the good fitness levels of my previous not so long ago years, back in action that’s for sure. [My Physio will no doubt be pleased to hear that I am actually doing some of the recommended at home activities she assigned me after my last balance assessment which I happen to surprisingly, in my opinion, “fail.”]

None the less, onwards and upwards it is and as I have also found three new things to amuse myself with for this week what can I say other than…all is A Okay in my part of the world.  

Until next time…have a great weekend.

Pic No.2. One of the many gum nuts to be found around here at the minute.

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