Pic No.1.  In for a drink at a trough that looks like it is in need of a clean.
TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  I think it would be good IF I knew a few more names of the insects I am seeing. JAM FACT:
I realise I do not know many insect names.

The current summer hot weather has brought out a myriad of insect life here in my part of the world.

It doesn’t matter which farm or garden ‘watering hole’ you look at or the time of day you do it, there always seems to be some kind of an insect with its head down and tail up, drinking its fill. Many are unknown to me except by a generic name like wasp, bee, dragon fly etc.  

I do know that there are plenty of ‘honey bees’ around. They have taken to swooping into the pool for their drinks.  I accidentally discovered whilst doing my newly mastered back stroke in my bathers that are deemed very suitable for Vitamin D absorption, that one of their stings can still hurt you quite a lot!

My bitten skin area that was affected has recovered now but I am back to wearing my full cover up swimming gear because I can’t see the bees moving away just yet and I definitely do not want another sting. On a scale of 1-10, I reckon it was about a 9.

MY J reckoned it was a grumpy old bee [obviously I was in its way] that bit me, as the sting itself he said, was quite big and he never exaggerates…not like this little UNYOUNG JAM can maybe sometimes do. Whatever the size of the sting, it is irrelevant now because as of today, I am in full cover up swimming togs that no sensible bee, grumpy or not, will be able to penetrate.

I have spied quite a few other insects drinking around the place and whilst I have not yet become an Entomophile person as such, I have become much more interested in noting their size, colours, markings etc and ‘googling’ for further information so I can correctly identify them.

There are still quite few hot summer days ahead here in my part of the world, so I reckon by the time summer ends, I should be able to confidently name quite a few insects, that’s if I stay on the insect learning task!

Until next time … wishing you happy days ahead.

Pic No.2 A honey bee having some fun in the blossoms.
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