Photo No. 1: This magpie had plenty to talk about this morning. Very noisy indeed!

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Re tracking my steps to find my ‘lost’phone.

JAM FACT: I am definitely feeling a tad UNYOUNG today.

I know I am UNYOUNG and I also most definitely know that I am getting UNYOUNGER by the day/hour/minute!

BUT that doesn’t mean I have to accept it and all the little and big idiosyncrasies it entails or be happy about it when one of those foibles actually happens to little unyoung me.

I was feeling a little flat/frustrated/sad/ annoyed with myself earlier because yesterday I lost my phone albeit only for a brief period [an hour] but still, I lost it.

I was ‘multi tasking’ in our local Post Office, something that I could do so easily not so many moons ago and inadvertently put it down and just failed to pick it up after I concluded my business and returned home.

I didn’t register I didn’t have it until about an hour later when MY J asked me to check something. Oops and damnation…where oh where is it? After about a frantic five minute search around home…ding…light bulb moment; ring it UNYOUNG JAM!  

It was good to have the notion reinforced that we have a very trusting community here in my part of the world. Said phone was handed in, not that our PO is that big a building to lose it in but still the shop owner did not know whose phone it was until I rang in.

So after beating myself up for quite some time over the episode I have today given myself a kick in the rear end and have found something to lift my spirits and am now embarking on a new ‘you tube’ adventure. It is quoted as being a guaranteed mood picker me up,so I’m all in.

So in summation I can only say and agree wholeheartedly that becoming UNYOUNG definitely has its moments but as Dr Seuss once said; “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Until next time … have a great weekend.

Photo No 2. My favourite gum is almost ready to burst open.
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